We provide Spa and Salon services for Men, Women and Children.

We are in Downtown Redmond at 7987 Leary Way NE, Redmond, WA 98052 Direction 

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There is a detailed Service Menu which is detailed further down the page.

To book an appointment you can also E-mail us or call us at (425) 882-8030!

Whether you are coming in on your own, with a friend or your family, our goal is to offer easily accessible professional services at a reasonable price that fits your schedule.

While you are here, as a courtesy we offer filtered water, French Press coffee – that’s right, no machine for your goodstuff.. Hot Chocolate (and mini marshmallows), as well as multiple teas both caffeinated and Herbal.

The music is always on..We have a new Sony Digital theatre sound system and LED TV, which also does Movies through Amazon and Netflix.  This sound system will do NFC or Bluetooth mirroring – so if you have a song or playlist you wish to share, please do!

Our location and Hours

Our Location in Redmond is 7987 Leary Way NE, Redmond, WA 98052 Direction 

If you’re in Redmond find Leary way, go north past Redmond way, we’re on the left at the end of the street right across from Feedco burger and North of Redmond Bar and Grill.

Walk-ins certainly welcome.

Hours of operation:

Monday through Saturday: 10am – 7pm

Sunday 10am – 5pm

To discuss our services during business hours and book an appointment please E-mail us or you can also call us at (425) 882-8030!

As with life, emergencies happen.   If you have a hair disaster or just need pampering let us help you regain composure, look and feel better. 

E-mail us or call 425-443-5302 for a downright emergency.   We will do our best to work with you before or after-hours.  A $25 fee will be added to any service item for off hours service.

Services Menu for Men, Women and Children

Women’s Service Menu (Ladies first)


Hair cut with blow dry (30 Minutes) $25

Hair cut with style (60 Minutes) $35

Bang trim (15 Minutes) $10

Shampoo and Blow dry (30 Minutes) $30

Formal style or Up Do (60 Minutes) $60

Shampoo Blow dry w/Flat iron (60 Minutes) $40

Shampoo blow dry w/curling iron (60 Minutes) $40

Women‘s Hair Color

Eye brow tint (30 Minutes) $20

Color root retouch (60 Minutes) $60

Full Foil (120 Minutes) $95

Partial Foil (90 Minutes) $75

Face Foil (60 Minutes) $45

Each additional color (15 Minutes) $10

Face Framing Highlights (30 Minutes)  $45

Ombre Color (75 Minutes) $150

Frost (30 Minutes)  $30

Full color (60 Minutes) $60

Roots (60 Minutes) $60

Toner (30 Minutes) $30


Classic Facial (30 Minutes) $40

Essential Facial (60 Minutes) $60

Vaja-cial (60 Minutes) $75

Utilizing the same techniques as our signature facial, this pampering session is for your lady bits.

Back Facial (60 Minutes) $60

We take an hour to do a full back facial using the same process as the signature facial so you radiate whether at the gym, or out on the town.

Hair Treatments 

Deep Conditioning Treatment (30 Minutes) $30

Keratin treatment (60 Minutes) $60

Glossing (20 Minutes) $25


Regular Perm (60 Minutes) $55

Spiral Perm (90 Minutes) $75

Hair straightening Relaxer (120 Minutes) $150

Nail Care

Manicure (15 Minutes) $15

Spa Manicure (30 Minutes) $25

Shellac Gel Manicure (45 Minutes) $30

Shellac Gel Manicure French (60 Minutes) $35

Spa Pedicure (30 Minutes) $25

Spa Pedicure with Paraffin wax (35 Minutes) $30

Signature Pedicure (60 Minutes)  $40

Shellac Gel Pedicure (60 Minutes) $45

Polish change Hands or Feet (15 Minutes) $8

Shellac Gel polish change Hands or Feet (15 Minutes) $10

Paraffin boot (15 Minutes) $15

Acrylic nails

Full set (45 Minutes) $30

Full set clear tip (45 Minutes) $35

Full set pink and white (60 Minutes) $45

Shellac Gel coating on top (15 Minutes) $15

Fill $15

Waxing Parlor

Eyebrow Design (15 Minutes) $12

Upper Lip (15 Minutes) $10

Chin (15 Minutes) $10

Cheeks (15 Minutes) $10

Full Face (30 Minutes) $30

Neck (15 Minutes) $20

Full Arm (30 Minutes) $35

1/2 Arms (30 Minutes) $20

Underarms (15 Minutes) $20

Basic Bikini (30 Minutes) $35

Extended Bikini (45 minutes) $45

Brazilian (45 Minutes) $55


Childrens Service menu

(Children 13 years old and under)


Clipper cut (15 Minutes) $13

Cut and style (30 Minutes) 15

Pedicure (30 Minutes) $15

Manicure (30 Minutes) $10

Pedicure and Manicure (45 Minutes) $22

Eyebrow grooming (15 Minutes) $10

Facial (30 Minutes) $25



Hair cut (30 Minutes) $18

Haircut and style (45 Minutes) $25

Hair Color (60 Minutes) $45

Pedicure (30 Minutes) $20

Manicure (30 Minutes $12

Pedicure and Manicure (45 Minutes) $28

Eyebrow design (15 Minutes) $10

Facial  (30 Minutes) $25

Makeup application (30 Minutes) $20


Men’s Service menu


Clipper cut $15  (20 minutes)

Get in, get it done, and get on your way.  This covers all clipper cut hair styles with a basic shampoo and towel dry.

Style cut $25   (30 Minutes) 

Take time to look good,  this haircut covers all scissor and clipper hair styles.  Comes with shampoo, conditioner, face wash, hot stone towel and a shoulder massage.

Moustache or Sideburn Trim (15 Minutes) $5

Beard styling (15 Minutes) $10

Shampoo and style (15 Minutes) $15

Scalp scrub and massage ( $15 ( 15 minutes)

An add on to the haircut or available by itself.   Often neglected, we focus on the scalp with this one.  We soak, scrub, shampoo and condition your noggin’, then you get the treatment with a nice scalp massage.

Extra shoulder massage $15 (15 Minutes)

Time waits for no man, get this 15 minute chair massage to slow it down, break the stress from your day.

Mens Hair Color

Short hair color (45 Minutes) $45

Long hair color (60 Minutes) $50

Frosting (60 Minutes) $45

Moustache color (30 Minutes) $20

Beard color (30 Minutes) $30


Men‘s Nail care

Quick Manicure $10 (15 Minutes)

Right to business this is more of a maintenance session.  We soak the hands, use cuticle softener then push and trim the cuticle, cut and shape the nail, and then sand and buff the nail.

Manicure $20 (30 Minutes)

A signature service doubling down on your digits.  We soak the hands, use cuticle softener then push and trim the cuticle, cut and shape the nail, and then sand and buff the nail.  Then we take it to the next level, giving your hands and arms an oil and lotion massage, followed by the treatment with a hot stone and oil massage then a hot towel.

Pedicure $20 (30 Minutes)

Relax and soak your feet in a jetted hot water pedicure tub with a multifunction massage chair.   We cut and shape the toe nail, push and trim the cuticle, then sand and buff the toenails. You might squirm a bit when we use callous remover then scrub and buff your foot arch.   What makes this treatment unique is we then focus on the foot to the knee and massage in a lemon sugar scrub, rinse, then do the same thing for a Mint masque.. and then comes the treatment.. a hot stone and oil massage and a hot towel.

Manicure and Pedicure  $35  (60 Minutes)

Man up and get both our signature treatments just as described above.

Paraffin Foot or Hand wrap (15 Minutes) $10

Skin Treatments

Facial $40  (30 Minutes)

We jam pack this session and go to work with a Facial scrub and brush, application of toner, oil cleanser, masque and quick steaming session and facial massage.

Facial II   $70   (60 Minutes)

Lay down and relax on facial table while we begin with a facial scrub.  Next up is application of toner for extra deep cleaning, followed oil cleanser and masque to exfoliate and refinish the skin.   Final stages are a relaxing facial steaming session followed by a Facial, Scalp and shoulder massage.

Back Facial $60 (60 minutes)

All of that.. But on your back. Likely the least cared for, but it does alot right? Yea, you’ll feel better with your shirt off too.

If your back is a bit fuzzy.. Take it to the next level, waxing…


Eye brow grooming $12 (15 Minutes)

Eyebrows command attention, so we give yours just that.

Nose Hair removal $10  (15 Minutes)

Unsightly nostril hair gone in a flash.

Ear Hair removal $10 (15 Minutes)

Ear canal hair can harbor excess wax and be unsightly. Ears emerge hair free.

Nose, Ears and Eyebrows $28 (45 Minutes)

Hands $15 (15 Minutes )

Hands sans hair, don’t forget the manicure.

Shoulders $20  (20 Minutes)

Focusing on the shoulder, from neckline over the shoulder and down to the elbow.

Chest $ 30  (30 Minutes)

Focusing on the chest, from ribcage to neckline out to the shoulders.

Stomach $ 30  (25 Minutes)

Focusing on the Stomach, from belt line to the ribcage, side to side.

Full Back $ 45  (30 Minutes)

Belt line to shoulders side to side

Chest, Full back and Shoulders (60 Minutes) $70

Forearms (30 Minutes) $35

Half Legs (30 Minutes) $25

Full legs (60 Minutes) $45

Feet (15 Minutes) $10

Brief line/Speedo $40  (30 Minutes)

We focus on the Brief line only.  We apply light cleanser to prepare the skin for waxing, then apply soft wax and use a strip.  Once finished we use facial oil to remove excess wax and help skin stay soft.

Buttocks (15 Minutes) $20

Brazilian (First time) (60 Minutes) $55

Brazilian Regular (35 Minutes) $45

*5-12 weeks since we saw you last

Brazilian Rebook (25 Minutes) $40

*Rebook within 5 weeks


and finally…

The Full Monty.  $200 (120 Minutes)

Well this is certainly no gag reel here.. this menu item is designed for the guy who wants the whole package…

After this treatment you will come to understand that Wax was not invented just for sports cars or skis and you will definitely feel sleeker.

Warning: We are not responsible for your increased swagger.

Yes, the room is soundproofed

Yes, we can do this in multiple sessions.

We will even shave your head for free.